Choose your game

We built a collection of simple brain training games to entertain and distract you when you're bored. They're family friendly, quick to play and intended to help to improve your memory, logical thinking and knowledge.

Our games are:

  • Four in a Row - Drop counters into the board with the aim of getting a row of four in any direction. This game is good for strategy.
  • Matching Pairs - Flip over cards and try and find the pairs of pictures. This game is good for memory.
  • Word Connections - Try to work out the connection between the five words given. This game is good for general knowledge, logic and word skills.
  • Number Up - Make the target number by choosing the two items that add up to the value. For example, 'Dwarfs in Snow White' (7) plus 'Wheels on a Tricycle' (3) makes 10. This game is good for general knowledge and maths skills.
  • Odd One Out - We'll show you four almost identical pictures, but one has a subtle difference. Spot the odd one out!

They also work whether you're on a desktop, tablet or mobile. We hope you enjoy them!